About Suzanne Adams Woodie

SuzBlogI am a mixed media artist residing in Florida. I grew up outside of Philadelphia, PA but was drawn to sunny Florida in 1994. I am a graduate of Moore College of Art in Philadelphia with a degree in Fashion Illustration and Advertising Design. Much of my career was been spent working as an Art Director for retail stores and catalog companies. Although I continue to work as a freelance Graphic Designer and Still Life Stylist, I am now pursuing my passion for photo preservation and the creation of Family Heritage Books. It is so important to preserve your memories and tell your story. How often do we sit down with other members of our family and share the stories and memories that our photos evoke? Isn’t this is the reason we create photographs, to remember the times and the people that are important in our lives? I have so many questions I wish I could have asked my grandparents. They left behind so many unidentified photos. I realized that I needed to preserve the precious memories in these old photographs by interviewing my remaining relatives while they were still alive. It’s been a very rewarding journey. I only wish I would have started sooner.

2 Responses to “About Suzanne Adams Woodie”

  1. Suzanne!
    You are one of the most talented people I know.
    Sending you green lights all the way.

  2. I went to the showing at Mortars library and thought it was great.
    When is the next one so I can tell my friends.
    I’m tiers of telling them all the great things you had to share, it would be so much better if they could see for themselves.

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