View Photo Restoration

It is so important to preserve your past. If you have a special photo that has faded or been damaged we can make your priceless memories look like new.

Digitally Restored Photo cost is $35. Severely damaged photo repair may cost more.

To have your photo digitally restored contact Suzanne Woodie at

You may also leave a reply at the bottom of this page.

Boy With ChairYou would never have known that this photo was broken into 3 pieces

1935 Boy in Boat Florida EvergladesThis photo was so fragile, crumbling at the edges. The biggest challenge was reconstructing his head.

Cuban Baseball Team

This treasured family photo shows a baseball team from Cuba that my clients great grandfather played on . . . now you can clearly make out their faces


She needed so much help . . . including a new arm. But look how beautiful she is now!LoraineBefore&After

This faded and discolored photo with so many tiny scratches covering it has been transformed to it’s original state


Photo before it was restored

The torn and warped photo is restored to new


Notice how I was able to add depth and detail to this faded photo


This photo had been in a frame near a window. You can see how the sun faded this photo.


Removed people in the background and brighten up photo

Restore your faded photos to their original color

Repaired scratches, dress and floor

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