Organize Your Photos

Are your favorite photos thrown in a shoebox or in a decaying album? So many pictures, so little time and no idea where to begin, help is on the way! Contact Suzanne Woodie at to find out more about the following affordable services.

• Photo Sorting   • Documentation  • Album transfer • Scanning • Retouching

The first piece of advice I would offer you is to please take your photos out of the magnetic page photo albums. Magnetic pages which are made out of thick paper stock, coated with glue and covered with clear mylar plastic will ruin your photos. The acid in the glue deteriorates the photos and the mylar seals in the acidic fumes. Please do not let your precious photos get ruined. I have had clients whose photos were permanently stuck to the album page. When they tried to pull it off they tore and damaged the photo. Also avoid storing albums in the attic, garage or basement. Below is an example of damaged albums.


I recommend taking all of your photos and organizing them into labeled file boxes. Because the photos are standing upright they take up much less space. You can also keep the negatives or a CD of your photos with each group of pictures. Below is an example of a job that I completed for a client. Each person in the family has their own box which is then divided into categories by year. This particular client also had boxes made for college years and travel.


Photos from different time periods can be scanned in and turned in to dramatic black and white photos. Below is an example of what the photos looked like before they were transformed.


Here are all the photos shown above. Each one was scanned into the computer, resized and cropped to fit the frame. Making the photos all one color such as sepia or black and white brings  a sense of unity to the piece. I also feel that it makes it more dramatic.


This particular client had a narrow hallway that they wanted to fill with family photos. We used 5 gallery frames like the one shown above. Themes were picked for each set of frames which included the husband’s childhood, the wife’s childhood, each child’s baptism, and the children interacting with relatives.


Here is what the hallway looked like when it was finished.

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