My Photography


A Moment Frozen In Time

While on a tour of the Bonnet House in Fort Lauderdale, Florida I came across the once working art studio of Frederic and Evelyn Bartlett. It felt like a moment frozen in time. As if they would be returning at any moment to pick up right where they left off over 25 years ago.


The Guardian

The ever present Golden Gate Bridge stands guard over a garden sanctuary in the midst of the city.


Pure Truth

The flowering water lily symbolizes absolute truth and purity.


Perfect Beauty

Landscapes of water and reflection


Vines To Wines

As I gaze at the vines bathed by the sun, the clusters hang so gently from the vine and I think “How devine it is that these grapes will soon be wine”.

From the author Colette. She writes:

The vine and the wine it produces are two great mysteries. Alone in the vegetable kingdom, the vine makes the true savor of the earth intelligible to man. With what fidelity it makes the translation! It senses, then expresses, in its clusters of fruit the secrets of the soil.


The Mirrored Window

The mirrored reflection of a life lived at a slower pace amidst the flowers, old stone buildings and cobble stone streets.


Paris Reflections

As I passed by this window in Paris this beautiful sculpture caught my eye. The reflection of the building across the street merged with the sculpture and made for an even more interesting photograph.


The Red Window


A butterfly in my garden


The Magic Door

I can’t tell you how magical it was, turning the corner and seeing that door. The light streaming through. It was like I entered a dream. Did that light really exist or was it just in my mind? I did nothing to alter this photo, I guess it was just the magic of the moment.


Sunset at Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach, Florida



Green Cay Wetlands Nature Center in Boynton Beach, Florida has a wonderful boardwalk that you can stroll and take in the birds.


The Brooklyn Bridge


One Response to “My Photography”

  1. Suzanne, you are so amazing in so many ways. You have found the things in life that feed that special part of you and take little note of the things that don’t. Your sensitivities touch may heart and give me such vulnerability, to ignite sweet tears of appreciation.
    I am so glad to have met you.

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