View A Heritage Book – Belly Dance

This photo book was commissioned by world renowned belly dancer Maja, The Girl from the Nile. She wanted to honor belly dancer, costume designer and her dear friend Carmen by presenting her with this hardbound photo book.

These belly dance photos were silhouetted and transformed into a background filled with the magical light of Moroccan lamps

I took a belly dance photo with an ordinary background, enhanced the color and then placed the photo into a grand archway. Don’t you wish you could have really been standing there in India?

Why would you want to keep a plain background like in this dramatic belly dance photo if you could be peeking out in front of a window in Morocco?

Notice how I added this belly dance photo to an ancient piece of Egyptian jewelry. Then I took parts of the same piece of jewelry and created the facing page.

If you would like me to transform your photos into a one-of-a-kind, hard bound book email me at  If you would like to take belly dance classes, Maja currently teaches belly dance classes in several communities in southern Florida, from Miami Beach to Boca Raton. Teacher, performer, sponsor of the largest Belly Dance Festival, The Spirit of the Tribes and Director of the GYPSY TRIBE. Born in Cairo, Egypt with Russian, Romanian & Algerian roots, Maja’s dance is a blending and reflection of the passion of her roots. Visit her website at

3 Responses to “View A Heritage Book – Belly Dance”

  1. Awesome

  2. WOW It brings lots of memories….She really is a beautiful Goddess. Creative…..original…full of inner beauty that shines all around her……

  3. I come back to see this book when I need a smile, and Carmen always gives me one. It’s simply impossible not to react to so much beauty. Te quiero muchísimo nena, Pilar

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