My Travels To Crete Greece

If you are ever traveling to Crete and you are near the city of Rethymno you must try and stop by “Polio’s House” where there is a folklore museum and traditional Greek cafe. It is located in the village of Asteri which is a municipality of Arkadi and is on the way to the Holy Monastery of Arkadi.

CatI took a photo of this kitten who was sound a sleep with the Arkadi Monastery in the distance.

I still can’t believe how lucky I was to have happened upon a person in Greece with the same interests as me. Too bad we did not speak the same language. My friend Argy interpreted for me. His name is George and him and his wife, Eleni, created the folklore museum which was a block from where I was staying in Crete. The front of the building was the original older part of the home and the addition in the back is an open air tavern. It has only been open for a year.

Polio's House CafeThe Cafe at Polio’s House

Two of the museum rooms display objects of George’s family history. One is decorated with his Father’s photos and another is dedicated to his Mom. The rest of the rooms are set up like a typical older Greek home. One of the rooms had looms for weaving. It truly demonstrates the importance of family identity.

I was eating lunch at the cafe the day before we were flying home and noticed a door to another room opened so I peaked inside. To my surprised I discovered George’s private collection of family history albums that he has been working on for many years. The back wall was filled, floor to ceiling, with binders. He had done the family history for many families in the area. He made a handwritten timeline for each person with photos of them through the years including wedding photos. Some were photocopies, some were original photos . . . what a labor of love! Bravo George for caring enough to preserve the areas history for generations to come.


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2 Responses to “My Travels To Crete Greece”

  1. i would like information on my mothers exact birth place in iraklios crete. she was born on 14/4/1945 maria ergazaki. her brother was a police officer in the town who died at the age of 50 or so about 10 years ago. what is her fathers and mothers first name. her father died about 26 to 28 years ago and her mother i cant remember when she was younger.

    she is not talking to me and i am her son and i would like to know a little bit more about my ancestory etc and my family background. she had a big family i think all together 8 sibblings including her. i would appreciate if u could get these details to me thank u.

    • Dear Marjan,
      I am sorry to say that I have never done any family research in Crete. If you speak the language I would email George Polioudakis at He owns Polio’s House and a folklore museum outside of Rethymno and has done a lot of family research. There is also a website called “We Love Crete” Anastasi, Apostoli and Katia were helpful in translating a letter for me. They may know a contact for you concerning family research. Here is a link . . .
      However the best way to get information is speaking to all your living relatives. I hope that you and your mom can work it out. Maybe you can contact one of your aunt & uncles.
      Sorry I could not be of more help. Good luck in your search.

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