Dad’s 80th Birthday Party

I threw a party for my Dad’s 80th Birthday which was on February 1, 2010. It was such a joy to see him so happy. And I had fun creatively putting it all together. I placed a centerpiece on every table which showcased different parts of his life. This one was of us kids when we were young. I gathered glass vases from around my house and borrowed some from neighbors. I filled them up with sand and place curly willow branches in each one. Then I clipped the photos on to the branches. (best to scan them in and reprint . . . don’t use the original photos, plus it was fun at the end of the party I let everyone take whatever photos they wanted home with them)  To add a little sparkle I took resalvaged pieces from a chandelier I found discarded in a neighbors trash. A family tree needs some birds . . . which I pulled out of my Christmas collection along with some butterflies. I wanted to have some sort of “party favors” so I designed a mini book about my Dad’s life which I had published. I made enough so that everyone could take one.

The party was held at my Dad’s clubhouse. The entrance wasn’t very appealing so I made a wreath for each door. Then I put a topiary tree in a ceramic pot on either side of the doors. I found the glitter letters at the craft store and made the “8oth” out of cardboard that I glued glitter onto. I also used pieces of the chandelier and some flowers. Here’s a closeup photo of the wreath.

~ by heritagebooks on February 11, 2010.

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  1. I used your idea for my mom’s 90th birthday party and everyone loved them. It encouraged people to walk around the tables to see all the fun photos. I used salt in the vases because the sand was very costly. I had 10 tables to decorate.

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