Christa’s Japan Book

Japan Layout-2

Today I am meeting my friend Christa and her Mom for lunch to give Christa the birthday present I made her. When Christa was in college she did a study abroad program in Japan. The album that she had used was one of the magnetic page photo albums. These are so bad for your photos. She hired me to replace this album for a better one. But I decided it would make a great present for her birthday. For those of you who have your photos in magnetic page photo albums please dispose of them. The magnetic pages which are made out of thick paper stock, coated with glue and covered with clear mylar plastic will ruin your photos. The acid in the glue deteriorates the photos and the mylar seals in the acidic fumes. Please do not let your precious photos get ruined.


~ by heritagebooks on September 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Christa’s Japan Book”

  1. Stunning… kinda cool theme. I’m going to write about it likewise!

    • Thanks! I love making travel journals. I take notes each night during the trip and when I return home I make a book. It’s so much fun years later to look back at them. It’s like reliving the trip!

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