My Trip To Philadelphia To Collect Family Photos

Me with my brothers Ron & John

I just got back from Philadelphia. I was on a mission to collect whatever family photos my brothers had. My best friend Wendy picked me up at the airport. We always have the best time together eating good food and wine.

Wendy and I at the restaurant Nector in Berwyn, PA. We also went to a gallery opening at Barnstone Gallery in Phoenixville, PA. What a great space, definately worth checking out . . .

Saint Peter’s Village Inn is lovely, surrounded by a waterfall and stream. A great place to spend a romantic weekend. We really enjoyed the food and entertainment while we were there. Dave Karaban’s performance was wonderful. What a great place to hang out.


Now for the real reason behind my trip . . . to see what photos my brothers had. I spent the weekend at my brother John’s home in Royersford, Pa. I scanned in lots of photos and had a great time visiting my brother and his family. Things that I miss are fresh picked strawberries that melt in your mouth and homemade, fresh out of the oven soft pretzels. Thanks John for making sure I got some!

My brother Ron came to pick me up. John put together a wonderful meal, it’s very rare that we have the opportunity to all be together, which was nice. I spent the next 2 days at Ron’s house in Norristown, Pa scanning photos till late in the night. Thanks Ron for making sure I got a cheese steak. (another one of my favorite foods that is hard to come by in Florida. It’s something about the bread.)

I’m still trying to organize the hundreds of photos that I scanned. Here are a few of my favorites.



~ by heritagebooks on June 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “My Trip To Philadelphia To Collect Family Photos”

  1. the new photos from your childhood are adorable and you can totally tell it’s you, a mini little suzanne! glad you had such a nice trip and got to EAT all your favorite things!

  2. Loved sharing those memories of your childhood…my you haven’t changed still have that sweet smile. Minnie Suzanne Pablo said.:)

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