In Love With Love

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Father's Day

Since my Dad passed away this has always been a tough weekend to get through. I miss and love you Dad! Here’s a spread from the book I made him. My Dad liked to write on the front of his photos. My favorite quote of his is “In Love with Love” and he looks so happy in that photo. That is how I will always remember him!

Robert Adams Army


California Dreaming

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To me California is all about food, wine and beauty . . . . all that delights the senses. Take a glimpse through my travels to wine country. You will discover art, gardens, wineries and so much more.View my book at California Dreamimg

Happy Birthday Mom

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Joan Sheridan
I am thinking of my Mom today and how much I miss her. It’s been 20 years since she has passed. Today is her Birthday. There’s so many things I wish I could ask her. Especially now that I am so involved with genealogy. What a glamorous photo. Where was she going? What year was the photo taken? I may not have all the answers, but I am grateful to have this photo and all the happy memories of my Mom. For all of you whose Mothers and Grandmothers are still alive . . . take out those old photos and have them tell you their stories. And please write it down and put it in a binder along with the photos.

A Mother’s Promise

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A Mother's Promise

I am sharing this with you today in honor of my Mom’s Birthday (September 23, 1931). This touched my heart when I read it at Within Bookstore. My eyes welled up and I thought about how much I miss my Mom. I decided to buy it for a dear friend who is a young Mother. Thank you Kelly Rae Roberts for creating such a beautiful and soulful piece of art.

Donation To A Worthy Cause

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Thanks for the post on your website. It truly is a small world! Or is it fate that the person who won the gift certificate is connected to my family tree!

EWGA Facebook story


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Genealogy Roadshow

PBS announced today that it will add the new series GENEALOGY ROADSHOW to its fall lineup. Part detective story, part emotional journey, GENEALOGY ROADSHOW will combine history and science to uncover the fascinating stories of diverse Americans. Each individual’s past will link to a larger community history, revealing the rich cultural tapestry of America. GENEALOGY ROADSHOW will air Mondays, September 23-October 14, 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET.

National League of American Pen Women

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National League of American Pen WomenI was recently invited to speak at the National League of American Pen Women which is an organization of professional women artists, composers, and writers, who are dedicated to serve their communities through mentoring, encouraging and promoting emerging professional women in the arts.It was a wonderful group of women and to my surprise and delight 2 of them graduated from my college, Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. We each represented a different decade from the 1950’s to the 1980’s. Thank you Cora Lee for inviting me.

Cora Lee Palma National League of American Pen Women